Monday, November 8, 2010

offer list help for PR memebers

 I'll be updating this guide with offer help

Always use the 10 minute timer to keep track of the offer to credit 
and  use different email if the offer isn't crediting for you!
College Bowl
1.Clear cookies/cache
2.Click on the offer,type in your email and shipping info,I used gmail dot trick
3.Press submit,complete any offers of your choice but say to at least 2 offers on the column page
4.After skipping all the offers you'll be on the "Final Steps" page,listen carefully for step 5.
5.Click 2 silver,let them load completely before clicking the next one,close the pop-up
6.Click 3 gold,let them load completely before clicking the next one,DO NOT CLOSE POP-UP
7.Stay on the gold page for 10 seconds then press F5 and the BNS pop-up will appear,DO NOT CLOSE
8.5-10 MIN CRED Good Luck on the offer...

College Bowl 10/24/2010 16:09 PM or 3:19 PM


PharmDaily - Heart Health
 -Click offer
-click right banner
-from there sign up with vaild info
-Go to the bottom and hit okay
-keep going in till you get "thank you" then check your mail for PharmDaily.
-click on it and have it show the images on the email.
-Leave the email open and get a timer and have it set to 10 minutes and wait.

PharmDaily - Heart Health 10/2/2010 13:32PM


Browser: Firefox
Email: Hotmail

1) Clear your cookies/cache.
2) Click offer.
3) Enter info, continue.
4) Keep filling info until you have to confirm your email.
5) Confirm email.
6) Enter password you previously entered.
7) Fill out part of the survey, go until you get credit. (did like 5 pages of the survey)

Not always instant credit
E-Poll10/22/2010 17:10PM

Mario bros vs Duck Hunt

1. Clear cookies and cache
2. Enter in email (i used yahoo)
3. Enter in info (wait 5 seconds)
4. Complete any offer of your choice
5. On yes no bubbles choose any of your choice
6. On silver page i opened one...on gold i opened 2....refresh gold page and get the bonus pop one offer
7. Refresh PR

Mario bros vs Duck Hunt 4/3/2010 17:27PM

GSC - McDonalds1. Clear cookies/cache.
2. Open firefox and go to PR and click on the offer.
3. Enter email, I used gmail dot trick.
4. Enter valid info.
5. Go through the offers doing whichever ones you want but make sure to do blue submit button offers (they are near the end of the offer).
6. On s/g/p pages click the required amount of offers and leave them all open.
7. Click at least one bonus offer and click continue.
8. Leave all windows open til the offer credits (credited after 1 minute for me)

GSC - McDonalds10/24/2010 17:22PM


     They're work all the same keep doing the offer in till you reach the Lottery page where you ease the 4 cards or in till you reach  the website that says you need an email.

  Good luck and don't spent too much time on offers if they don't credit for you.Move on to a different one. Oh and Don't forget to bookmark this blog so you can come back to It.