Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How I get my Amazon giftcards without paying a dime to Stores like Wal-mart.

This could be yours to spent on!

First off  I going to rant alittle about how long I been a member of this site I been using and how they can get the money to send me my Amazon giftcards.Second I will only be telling how to get Amazon giftcards on your own with my help.Last I'll send you to my website to get you going on your way to earning Amazon gift cards or another link to get you there.Don't worry I'll show you pictures of me getting them to prove you wrong that quote  nothing in life is free.Is very false indeed!

Starting off from the start forgive me if I get offtopic or if I rant too much but it's the way I blog.
I been a member since April 11 2010 at first thing were really like okay,I'll do some offers since everyone on the  Testimonials seems to got their prizes and I doubt people were lie about something like that.Now wait you must be asking yourself how can they give you your prize and where do they get the money for it?Simple from the offers I do which gives me points.Like signing up on a website just like that.Back to me starting out on the website am talking about.So,I tried doing offers I failed badly since I didn't have help.Funny thing is I joined in 2008 before but I failed on offers and didn't ask for help or to look for YouTube videos for help.I  was 12 back then.Now that I was 15 I knew I be able to do this even with help.I got the help needed with offers would credit faster for me without clicking on the Yes and No Over 9000 times.^_^ plus they got forums to help me now.

That enough ranting ON to telling  how to get them Amazon Giftcards so you can be on your way to earning them and spending it  on whatever you want a ps3 an Xbox360 or Wii.Well that just what I would do.So far am on my way to earning a Ps3 atm.Am doing great $113.00 on my account.Back to helping you guys or girls to earning them.Like I said before I'll send you to my site which has support for this type of thing or you can do this on your own.It's up to you on what you want to do okay?Good I'll keep this blog updated somehow to keep you posted.Just to keep you Wonderful  people informed about it.

Lastly I will be showing you a picture of me getting my prize as I promised above. 

 There you go as I promised before and I'll add my Amazon amount as a bonus to show you am not joking!


Now you can go to for support.

click on  the Banner to get started and make sure to sign up right away to ensure your spot!

This is free no chance of you paying money or a cent.

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  1. Going to have to try this out, after clicking around a bit :)

  2. i need how you got those gift cards saving to buy something