Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Doing offers so they're credit for you and tools your need.

-Mozilla Firefox (If not already):
- script to run with greasemonkey..

-RoboForm - Automatically fills out forms for you (Download the REGULAR Roboform, not 2GO):

-CCleaner - To clear cookies, you need to clear cookies before EVERY offer/survey, this is a good tool to use and important tip have a timer going for 10 mins.That would be how long it takes for THE OFFER TO CREDIT or longer.
Or you can use Firefox to clear cookies tip press Ctrl+Shift+Delete in the firefox brower and I'll bring up a menu showing you to delete your cookies.Mark cookies only and click "Clear now"There you go your done.Also if it doesn't credit move on to another offer and if you don't get credit for your offer don't worry about it keep going.It's alright if you clear your cookies and doing an offer and not getting credit for it after 10 mins.It'll credit later on.

I suggest creating three emails, as you will need different ones for same offer sites. Create from Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail ONLY.

*Download Offers*
DO NOT do these, 98% of them are VIRUSES, and on the side note, about only half work. Copyrwrited Mushy


This is a warning about the many "hacks" you might find on Youtube and other sites. They do not work. Using hacks is also a violation of the Terms of Service. In short, they will get you banned, or else your account could be stolen. Prize Rebel's Administrators can tell when you use one, and they will find out when you order a prize. So-called hackers use these schemes in order to earn referral points, by disguising their referral links as "hacked" links with "exp" and the person who does this most is NoLimits37.

Quote "I am pretty sure that they do not work. I have been using Prizerebel for over a year now. All it is is a link (their referral link) they tell you to do offers (which just earns them points). People think that the hack will work at a certain amount of points and the person just racks up all the points from those people."YOU BEEN WARNED!

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